Hello and Welcome.

This is a personal blog about someone very special to me. It’s kind of like a scientist’s or researcher’s journal because I’ve never had such an experience, and I want to record and share all of it.

Her name is Enzie Adair. And to everyone but me, she isn’t real.

It’s hard to explain, really. But I will try my best to describe what I remember, mixed with what Enzie remembers. I could even categorize these posts, separating the posts that I make from the posts that she might make, if she’s ever in the mood.

It’s getting late where I am, and I should sleep. Enzie agrees. But whenever I have time I will try my best to update this blog, and I will start with describing how Enzie and I met in the first place. Hold onto your seats, people. It’s a weird ride.

Enzie Pattern
The full image. I’m an illustrator/comic artist.

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