Enzie the Enigma

I have known Enzie for three years now. And I have learned a lot about her, such as the interesting fact that she has a birthday and has likes and dislikes that sometimes contrasts mine. It’s little things like these that almost make me think that she’s a fully developed person, sharing my body.

But as I’ve been reminded, that is not the case.

Anyway, onto the information that Enzie has allowed me to share with you.

Enzie is what looks like a fawn, but without the furry goat legs. Half-fawn? Not quite a demon; I am confident that she’s something more than just an cunningly evil creature that I used to read about as a kid.

enzie scale.png
Me (5’4) on the left. Enzie (???) on the right.

‘Enzie’ is actually a nickname that I gave her, but she doesn’t want me to tell anyone her real first name.

Enzie’s apparent birthday is August 16, and she claims to be older than me by three years, which I find hard to believe. How can she be older than me? How does it work?

Enzie likes to play the piano, and loves classical music in which the piano is more audible. When I asked her why that particular instrument, she said:

“Why not the piano? Its sound is simple, but also nice. It’s peaceful, but it can also sound excited and sad and angry. Is it not the foundation of music that we hear today?”

It had then struck me that Enzie is a bit like a piano. Very black and white, one or the other. Like the keys. She’s either violent and angry and verging on sadistic, or she can be quiet and serene and at times graceful. Like Yin and Yang.


Yin Yang Symbol. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yin_and_yang

I had used the Ying Yang symbol in my drawings that included Enzie and myself before. Living in Hong Kong, I had touched up on the meaning behind the symbol. Yin is the black area with a bit of white inside. The feminine, recessive, and nurturing side of the symbol. I chose myself to be represented by Yin because I am those qualities compared to Enzie. Yang is the white area with a bit of black. The masculine, assertive, and strong side of the symbol. Enzie fits that more than I do.

But the Yin Yang symbol represents how life needs a balance of the two qualities. Equal in size and strength, there will always be good in a person, and there will also always be bad in a person. By bad I don’t necessarily mean evil, because it could also mean flaws and imperfections, saying that nobody is perfect, and nobody is always good.

I had also seen somewhere something interesting. Say the white means bad, and the black means good. Yin is good with a bit of bad, and Yang is bad with a bit of good. Piece them together and you get the average life of a living being.

Enzie is Yang to me. She’s been bad (a lot), but there is some good in her; I’m so sure of it. But I probably won’t try to change her, because that would upset the balance, wouldn’t it? If she turned into another Yin, wouldn’t I myself gravitate towards Yang?



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