I dislike people.

Hate is a strong word. But my opinion on people is getting there. They are at times selfish, condescending, rude, ignorant, and stupid.

At least, the ones I have observed are. Chevy is surrounded by people. All interacting with and without her. And I see most of it. Even things that go over Chevy’s head.

Chevy seems to have 3 tiers of interaction with people. Professionally, personally, and distantly. Her superiors and official mentors naturally fit into the professional tier. Her friends and girlfriend are in the personal tier. And everyone else, like friends who leave her and people who don’t really spend time with her, are in the distant tier.

It all makes perfect sense for that to happen. I imagine everyone has these 3 tiers, and some of you may even have more or less than 3. But here is what I think is starting to become a problem.

Chevy’s distant tier is growing, and her personal tier is shrinking. With haste. And she doesn’t seem to be doing anything in regards to it.

She was held back a year in secondary school, meaning she became friends with people in her new year, and kept some friends in her old year. But now it is the sunmer after her secondary school graduation, and they’re all basically gone. Her old friends don’t talk to her like they used to anymore. Not much of a text or call. Especially one guy. Fuck him. And her new friends, since a while ago, have been paying more attention to each other than to anyone outside their little clique. And her girlfriend…actually, I’m not going to touch that topic.

My point is, fuck people. Chevy’s been a red case for a long time, and everyone’s so nice to her until she becomes more stable. Then it’s all “Oh she’s fine and independent now so I don’t have to care” and “Oh my sympathies are enough I guess, a text every year will do”.

Are all you people like this?

She’s so desperate for new friends who will stay by her longer than a year that it’s giving me a migraine. It’s pathetic and stressful for me to watch her at this time.

I dislike people.


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