Enzie hates my girlfriend.

I had been in a relationship for around a year and a half until recently. During that year and a half, I loved her, and she loved me, and it was the most fun I’ve had in a long time.

But Enzie hates her guts.

I did keep asking her why she hates my girlfriend so much. But she never gave a legitimate reason; more like:

“Because I do.”

“I have to hate SOMETHING, don’t I?”

“She looks at me funny.”

“I’ll beat you up again if you keep asking.”

And that’s where I stopped, generally.

I always had a feeling that she knew/could sense things that I couldn’t, and I was getting more and more confident over time that that was the case and that she knew something about my girlfriend that I didn’t, and she wasn’t telling me.

Every time I talked about my girlfriend, Enzie would groan, increasing in volume until I was too unsettled to continue. Every time I was hanging out with my girlfriend, Enzie would never show up, or brood the whole time until I went home. She makes it clear to me that she hates her.

enzie annoyed.png
A typical conversation about my girlfriend between Enzie and I.

But she never suggested or tried to convince me to leave her.

What’s that about?

But I guess she didn’t need to. My girlfriend broke up with me recently. And as I became numb to positive sensation for a while, Enzie just hangs around; regularly glancing at me. She wouldn’t smile but there’s a way about her presence this time that writes SMUG all over her face.

enzie smugless.png

“I told you so.”


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