The Note

Enzie here. Again. Chevy doesn’t want the spotlight anymore. For now at least.

The reason is, and I’m not sure I should say, is because Chevy was hospitalized after foolishly deciding to write a certain type of note in the middle of her class, and someone saw it and told the counsellor.

I am not pleased with her, even though deciding to do something as cowardly as leave everything and everyone behind used to be something I encouraged. I’m not angry with her when I realize the people she would leave behind included me.

I’m just disappointed. I spent months, reaching into years, convincing her that it was the way to go. That if she couldn’t imagine what she’d be like in the future, then it was fate that she didn’t have one. I told her these things over and over. And she was resilient. This resilience started to leave an impression on me, so I stopped.

But then university started at she snapped under the pressure.

Her plan was to overdose on the very medication she was given to prevent the situation. Is the word ‘ironic’ the right one to use at the moment?

Anyway, she had been gone for quite a while, and obviously so have I. I apologise on Chevy’s behalf to the little viewership we have for not being around and posting. Not that anyone really cares. To you we are nothing more than words on your screen.

I am angry at myself. I did nothing to stop her. Did I still want her to go through with it? Was I afraid of what would happen to me? I guess I was lucky that she was caught writing that note.


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